"Creative adaptability is the key to successful art."




Starting with a passion for photography and travel, Ranch Bucket Brands is a Colorado based company that specializes in hand making organic, repurposed, everyday hats. Here at Ranch Bucket we want to encourage people to get outside, get creative, and look great while doing it. Just like the people that wear our product, all of our hats have a story behind them and not one product is the same. It’s known everyone has their own unique style and we encourage others to embrace that while wearing our one of a kind hats. Although we’ve seen a lot of amazing places in the world, we stay true to connecting like minded people with the laid back lifestyle that Colorado offers. Thank you for your support and welcome to the Ranch.

 Sustainable. Repurposed. Reused.


Meet Our Team

Brian Morgan - After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Colorado, Brian fell in love with Colorado. He took his passion for capturing scenic landscapes while traveling, and decided to turn it into wearable art, which is now known as Ranch Bucket Brands. Ranch Bucket started as a passion project, but once other people started to take notice, Brian knew this product could be so much more. Now happily married with four kids, Brian still loves to travel and use his photos and experiences as inspiration for our hats. 

Freed Samad - With 20+ years experience as a boxer for the Armed Force at an amateur and production level, Freed now is a personal coach and trainer in the field. Not only the owner and boxing coach of Train to Perfection (train2perfection.com), Freed also is our eyes and ears at Ranch Bucket, handling all of our Public Relations needs. 

Natalie Hagan - While receiving her Bachelor's Degree in business from University of Alabama, Natalie is a Colorado native and also our go to person for social media, blogging, and anything else we throw her way.