Champagne Powder

Great champagne is sweet, sparkly, and smooth with a subtle popping noise heard when the cork pops. The magical bubbles tingle your palate as you cheer to a New Year, birthday, or anniversary. We Coloradoans do love our champagne, but what we love even more is the sweet, sparkly, smooth Rocky Mountain snow nicknamed ‘Champaign Powder,' and trademarked by the Steamboat Ski Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Champagne wine is irresistible just like champagne powder in the Rockies.


Steamboat Springs, a mountain town located in northern Colorado, is a prime vacation destination and ski resort for visitors around the world. While around twelve thousand call this magical little town home, they get around ninety thousand visitors per year that come to experience the infamous Champaign Powder for themselves. The abundant snowfall Steamboat receives per year—over three hundred inches per year—keeps tourists coming back to seek the thrill of riding the powder from 10,000 feet up.


As the snow piles up throughout the winter, the term Champaign Powder becomes more and more relevant. The smooth, dry, and sparkly snow resembles everyone’s favorite celebratory drink, which is where the nickname originated. The mountain even keeps a live stream called the Champagne Powder Snow Cam mid-mountain with a ruler and thermometer, so you can check out how much powder covers the mountain and how many layers you will need before going out. Champaign Powder in Steamboat Springs is some of the best skiing snow in the Rocky Mountains, but don’t take our word for it. Hit the slopes and experience the sweet Rocky Mountain Champagne Powder for yourself.

Brian Morgan