Alyssa + Ashley

For us, getting to meet new people around the world is exciting and what Ranch Bucket is all about. On a recent trip to Maui, Hawaii we were able to meet two sisters (Ashley and Alyssa) while grocery shopping around town. A Ranch Bucket photoshoot was cancelled that day, and after bumping into the girls, our company’s founder, Brian Morgan, asked if they would like to take a couple photos for us.

The spontaneous shoot was already so fun, but after we returned home, the girls reached out to us, letting us know that they both loved the brand and have experience in web design. Coincidentally, we this was at the time we were building our website and ending up hiring them to help us start the process. Talk about fate all around! 

At Ranch Bucket, we want to create a brand that gets people together in community that enjoy adventure and living a laid back lifestyle; the experience of meeting Ashley and Alyssa was just proof that saying "Hi" to new people can lead to great things.

Brian Morgan