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2017 Goals
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2017 Goals

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I know we are half way through 2017, but I wanted to talk about the goals I made for myself at the beginning of the year and my progress on them. I feel like this is a way to keep myself accountable. I am not a huge resolution girl, but regardless of what time of year it is, I feel like we should demand changes from ourselves even if they are accomplished gradually over time. With that being said, here are the goals I made for myself to carryout throughout the year of 2017 and hopefully create the good habits that can continue on in the future.

  • Let Things Go Easier

This one was a difficult one for me. I tend to hold onto things and take everything so personally that it is hard for me to forgive and let things go. I feel like I am doing a lot better at this one, but at a slight cost. I feel like in an attempt to let go of things I have lost a lot of my fire and passion, so the goal for the remainder of the year is to find the balance between the two.

  • Speak Kinder to People

I have been attempting to use nicer words and specifically my struggle is my tone and attitude even when I am frustrated. I think we could all be a little gentler with people and take in account other perspectives.

  • Do What Makes Me Happy

It does not matter if anyone agrees with what I want to do or if people think the path I am taking is settling. It is not anyone’s life choice or experience but mine so stop letting others influence my choices.

  • Travel

This one I am doing a really good job of accomplishing. With school and the busyness of life, its only half way through the year and I have gone quite a few places. I have visited home, Miami, San Diego, Utah, various places in Arizona, and even explored my own town a bit more than usual. To look forward to… I am moving to Australia! Who knows where that journey will take me, maybe New Zealand, Bali, and Indonesia… we will see!

  • Eat Healthier

An on and off again battle for me. When I am doing it, I am really in it, but when I break the schedule all hell breaks loose. If anyone has tips on addictive food that are not potato chips, I need you in my life.


  • Good Grades

When I made this goal at the beginning of the year it was really important to me, and not that it is still not important, I still plan on getting good grade and I have been doing really well, but when I look at it now all typed out in the scheme of things it is really not as important to me as I thought it would be. I graduate in less than a year and to think I have spent the majority of my young life so centered around this one goal kind of makes me nauseous. There are so many more life changing things I plan on focusing my energy on these coming months, but I sure do not plan on not working hard and earning the grades that I deserve.

  • A Healthy Body

I feel like this is such a clique girl goal that we all find ourselves putting on our lists every year universally. It is something I want though but not in the traditional sense. I do not want to be self-conscious in a sea of other girls when out at the beach just like any girl, but I think more than anything it is not that I need my body to change, but my mentality. The goal is to stop comparing myself to others.

  • Stress Less

I am working on my need to stop getting upset and worried over things that will be irrelevant in five years. I have been told five years is a good span to measure things on. If you cannot see it effecting you in the next five years or influential in your life, let it go. It does not have a right to burrow deep into your mind and disturb your inner peace.



  • Save Money

This one is key, I want to save not because of normal reasons of comfortability and the nice ease and transition into adulthood, but to mainly continue to travel. Also, anyone who knows me knows I have had my dream house built on pinterest and various other sites over the last eight years. It is one thing I want in life that I do not have to tell myself no to, or that it is too expensive. I want it to be one thing where I can feel free to bring the dream to life with no budget. I have been investing in a lot of different things and opening many accounts this year to grow my current savings, so if any of you have good stocks to invest in or any tips and tricks on your own investments leave me a comment below!




What are your goals, short term or long term? Accomplishing goals is a lot easier with a buddy by your side to do them.

-Good Vibes and Adventure