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Birthday Staycation
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Birthday Staycation

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Another year passes, and so does another birthday. Those who know me best, expect me to always have some type of extravagant plan or be on the go during this time of the year. Last year my birthday was spent in San Francisco, the year before exploring Phoenix Arizona. This year I still wanted the escape feeling that I so often crave but with less of the expense and closer to home... So, I did a little staycation in St. Petersburg Florida, just a short thirty minute drive from where I currently live.

St. Pete is a little south of Clearwater, and 30 minutes from the Tampa airport. It is the perfect up and coming beach town getaway. We decided to stay at a local beach resort and enjoy a relaxing weekend on the shore. My best friend and I went and stayed at the Sirata Beach Resort and it did not disappoint. They had the coolest chairs to sit in and hammocks on the beach. The only missing thing (something I did not even know I wanted), was that the hotel next door, Trade Winds, had a giant waterslide on the beach *cough cough* get on it Sirata!

Some awesome things The Sirata did have though, were multiple restaurants, many beach loungers, and Trivia Night! We had some of the most phenomenal wings ever that I highly recommend and Trivia Night was a blast.

I treated myself to a beachfront room as well. This came with an unintended perk. There were multiple weddings going on during this weekend and we were able to watch the weddings from our balcony. Nothing better than a great view and to watch some love unfold in front of your eyes.

The next day I treated myself to a spa day, for my self-love people, this is a must do. I went to the spa at the Don Cesar and that aside, the hotel itself is a beautiful treat. It has the power to make you feel like you are worlds away.

Such a relaxing and peaceful weekend. I think another goal in this coming year for me is to accept some slower moments. Revel in the fact that I do not have to be doing 1,000 things all at once. It is so funny to see the changes we go through in life when it comes to our desires and how they alter. As we take on each new year how we view the world and how we operate our lives we do not realize that things are changing. The difference between the last birthday celebrations and this year was a world of difference, but I would not have it any other way.

I enjoy seeing myself evolve and morph into a new person with every year. Share with us here at Ranch Bucket how you have evolved in the last year and where you see the most changes in your life.

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