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Canada Fishing Excursions
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Canada Fishing Excursions

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My dad and I recently went on a fishing trip to Ontario, Canada. We packed up on a Thursday night so that we were all ready to leave at 5:30 am the next Friday. It was an 11 hour drive to International Falls, Minnesota which is the last town before you cross the border into Canada. There we met up with two of my dads childhood friends, Rich and Ron, along with their families. We all spent the night at a motel in International Falls and left for our fishing lodge at 5:00 am again on Saturday morning. Our fishing lodge was still another 3 hours away from International Falls and we still had some stops to make for things like our groceries, our 2 flats of worms, and other various things, but we could not check in until noon anyway.

We got in just after noon. We unloaded all of our stuff and headed out onto the lake. First of all, the lake we fished was huge, it had several large bays which were good to fish as well as different humps on the big parts of the lake. There was a May Fly Hatch the week before we got there so we were not too if that was going to affect our fishing (I will link below explaining a Fly Hatch). We went out that first day and caught several Walleye and a few Northern Pike. The lake is known for Walleye, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass and Perch. We spent most of our time fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike. Sunday, we went out and caught our limit of Walleye and Northern Pike. When fishing with a permit in these areas, the permit requires a limit a day on fish in order to preserve the populations. On Monday Ron got a guide for all of us so we could go out and catch a lot of fish, but also learn about a lot of good spots (which are a secret so don't ask ;) ). Our guide also made us Shore Lunch at an old moose hunting outpost. Our Shore Lunch consisted of our freshly caught Walleye, some potatoes, corn and beans. It was delicious, nothing beats fresh caught fish!

The next day we explored some other areas of the lake, some of those spots were good, others were not as impressive. On Wednesday it stormed for the majority of the day so we did not get to go out until late in the day. It is really crazy how much the weather affects the fish and we do not even realize it. We only caught a few fish that day and did not have that many bites. Wednesday night we had a fish fry with some of the fish we had caught up to that point, and for me nothing beats a good fish fry! I was more than happy! On Thursday we trolled this one spot for Walleye and we were catching one after the other for a couple of hours with crankbaits (linking what these bad boys are all about).  My dad caught a 26” Walleye there which was the biggest of the entire trip. By Thursday night though my dad and I hit our limit of Walleye and Northern Pike to take home so we decided to go fish for some Perch.

We caught a handful of Perch and then went in for the night. Friday we fished for more perch and ended up with a few good ones. While we were Perch fishing I caught two Small Mouth Bass, one of them being 18”. The craziest thing that happened while we were over there fishing for the Perch was when I hooked a small Walleye and a huge Northern Pike came up and grabbed it as I was reeling it up into the boat. The Northern Pike cut my line when it grabbed the Walleye, which was a bummer because I was pulling those Perch out of the water like crazy. We ended up going in not too long after that and started cooking up another fish fry. We had to eat all of our fish since were were going to be leaving early the next morning.

It was pretty hot while we were in Canada, I know it may be hard for some of you to believe that it would get hot in Canada but it does. We had 90 degree weather one day and most of the days were sunny and in the 80’s. When you are on the water all day and have the sun beating down on you, you really start to feel it and it can take a lot out of you, but of course I had a Ranch Bucket hat (or two) with me which really helped keep the sun off and the rain in the cases where we got rained on while out on the water. I love being able to swap out my Ranch Bucket and I feel like they fit perfectly into the fishing community. It has basically become my go to hat for any occasion and I am a pretty big hat guy!

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