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Goals for Australia
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Goals for Australia

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I was thinking as my first week in Australia kicks off, I should outline what my main goals are for the time I have here. A lot of the goals are pretty generic for most twenty somethings no matter the location they reside in, but as I push forward in Australia I would love to get a bit more out of my comfort zone.

  • A Cliché but Goodie: Beach Time

I do not get a beach when I am home. I get a freezing pool and a desert. So, I plan on soaking up as much sun rays, water dives, and sandy toes, as I possibly can. There is something about the water that just has a piece of my heart and always will. I really hope one day to settle down somewhere close to the water. It never ceases to leave me in awe that the ocean is a place that we really know nothing about.

  • Get Good Grades

Although this is about the coolest thing I have ever done, my priority still lies with my education. I am here for school too, and I plan on maintaining the GPA I came with.

  • Create a New Perspective

I want to see things different. I want to appreciate smaller things more and release the trivial ones.

  • Bucket List Check Off

For me personally, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to cross something off one of my many lists I have created for myself. Australia holds a lot of places that have been on my bucket list since I was twelve. While I am here I do really want to be able to check some of those things off the list and be able to experience all I have dreamed of. It will just take me that extra mile on completing my list of big life moments.

  • Live More Carefree

I am a planner. I know in many situations this is not a negative, but the Australian lifestyle and vibe is very laissez faire. I want to learn how to let go and let be, become more spontaneous, and to let go of the reigns every now and then.

  • See the World in a New Way

Hopefully in a more beautiful way too, I feel like I am consistently shown a negative side of people and the world, I am ready to see the good.

  • Lastly, but certainly not least…

I want to get a picture of a Kangaroo in my Ranch Bucket hat! No one can tell me that would not be the coolest cutest thing ever! ~ Inspo by my friend Nathan


Lots to do, so little time, but glad to finally be here!

-Good Vibes and Adventure