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Keystone Ski Review
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Keystone Ski Review

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I grew up in Colorado, so I am no stranger to the Rocky Mountains and its favorite past time… skiing. I have been skiing since I was out of diapers and I have many favorite places to ski. If you want to know about any of those send me a quick message and I can fill ya in or maybe even write a review of places such as Breckenridge or Telluride, but today's post is about Keystone!

I was blessed with the opportunity to try out a new place this year, so I was super excited. Sadly, it ended up being somewhat of a letdown, which in no way is Keystone’s fault, but more of a whole Colorado-wide issue. There is no snow really anywhere yet in Colorado which has really been a problem this ski season for all winter athletes.

When we got to Keystone only a few slopes were open, and it was pretty crowded which always stinks. They had the snow makers blowing and if you got out early enough like we did the first half of the day was not too shabby. By midday though the slopes were melty and icing over pretty bad. They had been thoroughly skied over and when the slopes are icy like that I do not find the skiing as enjoyable. I preferably hate the terrible screeching noise my skis make on ice and like most skiers prefer the soft powder to float through on my way down a slope. After getting out on the slopes by 8am I was over it by 2 pm.

I can only hope the ski season gets better and Colorado finally gets some much-needed snow, if I were to make a guess, the mountains are just having a late start to the season and it may carry out longer into March than it usually would, at least I hope.

When I get back down to school I would like to check out Mount Lemmon. I have heard the skiing does not even compare to skiing in Colorado, but it sounds like a fun little day trip. Any suggestions of recommendations on Mount Lemmon my Tucson friends? Comment or message me!

-Good Vibes and Adventure


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