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Mount Lemmon Arizona
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Mount Lemmon Arizona

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Tucson, Arizona does not host very much to do unless you put in the effort to find the hidden gems. It takes ambition, an empty stomach, and a Groupon account to really appreciate the surrounding area usually.

Tucson really is not as bad as I am making it sound, I promise! I’ve suckered my friends into attending nearly every sporting event because I have a blast cheering on our sports teams. Tucson also hosts some beautiful hikes along the Catalina Foothills and if you’re feeling up to it, the iconic Gates Pass is always there for your sunset photoshoots. All that aside… my all-time favorite place in Tucson is Mount Lemmon.

It takes about an hour and a half to get to the top of Mount Lemmon but boy, you will not regret it! It is like you have been taken out of the desert and dropped into the middle of Colorado.

Whenever anyone mentions Mount Lemmon, I have this affinity to magically appear. If I felt that my car could make it up Mount Lemmon every weekend, you would find me nowhere else. So, when my friends mentioned that they were going to Mount Lemmon you can bet that yours truly was joining them.

We stopped at Subway along the way, when we finally made it up the mountain one of my friends, Ryan, decided to show us a beautiful landing that looked out over the mountains and the desert below that did not even know existed. It is a pretty surreal sight, seeing oak trees suddenly give way to saguaro cacti! We sat there for a bit taking everything in and listening to some oldies. It was a fantastic morning and I could have sat there all day, but we had other plans! Ryan decided to show us his campgrounds which were “right down the hill”. I have always known that women’s spatial skill are superior to men’s (look it up, it’s fact) but wowza, Ryan just reaffirmed my beliefs. His “right down the hill” was about 100 yards down a cliff (okay maybe a slight over exaggeration but nearly a cliff) and through a grove of hedges.

I got slapped in the face by every branch along that mountain, but I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. My other friend Kayleigh was not as entertained at the time although we can all look back now and chuckle about our adventures. Even when we thought we were safe at the campsite, NOPE! Turns out we still had to climb down another hill. Now us ladies were not expecting too much physical activity on our trip so none of us wore very sensible shoes. Mix bad shoes with dead pine needles and a steep hill and things get really bad, really quickly. We made it down however (without serious injury) and headed back down the mountain.

After scaling the mountain, Ryan brought us down to the shooting range located at mile four. The extent of my gun skills is the Call of Duty game I sometimes play (on beginner mode). Turns out I am as bad at shooting a real gun as I am at shooting a virtual one (who knew). Even though I missed the target every time, we had a blast (get it?) and got to shoot some incredible weapons. It was a perfect day! The weather was 75F and I was surrounded by good company, good music, and beautiful views.

Cannot wait for our next trip up to Mount Lemmon, if you have any questions about Mount Lemmon just ask me, the EXPERT!