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Music Review: Odesza
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Music Review: Odesza

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Something I have never shared with you guys is my love for music! So I thought I would delve into that with you guys on this fine Super Bowl Sunday!

Ok so I have a soft spot in my heart for these talented guys. The first time I saw Odesza was a couple of years ago at Red Rocks in my home state of Colorado where we also manufactur all of our hats! They were undeniably incredible, especially at such a unique venue like Red Rocks, but I do have to say my second time was a different type of thrilling. I had the opportunity to go see them the second time in Sydney while I was studying abroad in Gold Coast.

First, it was incredibly cheap due to them not being as well known like they are in the United States. Second, the setting was completely different. The environment was more intimate, it was indoors, and the venue was relatively small. It was just your average theatre. Not better in any sense than Red Rocks, but just different. Luckily, because of the venues size though, we were front row. That is something you would potentially lose a limb over at Red Rocks. At this venue though we were able to make our way casually to the front without having to arrive hours early or be attacked by other eager fans. This is probably what made the concert so special for me.

The only thing I have to slightly complain about is the content of the concert. This was right after the release of Odesza’s new album, which I am utterly obsessed with and they only played two songs from it. I wanted more of the new album which they failed to deliver on at this concert. All in all, they were incredible and I hopefully will be going to seem them again soon here in America.

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