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Not so Icy - Iceland
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Not so Icy - Iceland

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We got to Iceland early in the morning. Technically Iceland was a layover for us, we had an eighteen-hour layover and we intended to make the most of it. Let’s start with what not to do.

Do not take cabs. They are the most expensive thing you will do. There is enough public transportation provided that is already expensive, so a taxi added onto that is even pricier. Now Reykjavík, this is their main city center, and I do have to say it is not anything like the way it is advertised. It is boring, it is not a very big city, and while we were there at least, not a lot was happening. A day was plenty to explore the area and I would not suggest any more time than that. Next thing is prep to spend money. Iceland is so expensive. Whether it is food, transportation or sleeping accommodations, be ready to shell out. You might feel like you are breaking the bank, which is normal.

My favorite meal of my whole two-week Europe trip was actually in Iceland though. It was a really simple meal too. We went into this small pub and the only food they served were bread bowl soups! They had a veggie one and a meat one, so we go the meat which consisted of beef and lamb. It was honestly the best thing I had the whole trip and I never stopped talking about it, I am now a big advocate for the bread bowl soup!

All that aside, I did one of my long-time bucket list items here, the Blue Lagoon! Now that was worth every dent in the travel budget. I wish we could have stayed in longer honestly, it was so unique and warm. I instantly felt relaxed and we stayed until close. The price you pay is also worth it for all that is included. You get unlimited time in the lagoon (hence why if you look online earlier slots in the day are more expensive), a mud face mask that you can rub all over your body, a free drink, and a towel. This was all about 6,990 króna which comes out to around 66 American dollars. That being said we had a late-night time slot (which is not a big deal since the sun does not set until one in the morning), the earlier ones would be closer to 100 American dollars.

That was mainly the only big activity we had time for. We stayed at Base Hostel close to the airport. This was not bad but for how much we paid, it was kind of disappointing that we were only there to sleep for two hours before getting up to leave for the airport again.

It is funny because the sun technically set at oneish in the morning, but it never fully got dark, when we woke up to leave at four in the morning the sun had already risen. It is crazy to know people live in a place that has light all of the time. It is something my body was extremely not adjusted to.

So that was our short stint in Iceland! I do want to go back, but for more of a camping/backpacking type of trip, that is more suited for the more scenic activities Iceland has to offer.

Planning for the future!

-Good Vibes and Adventure


Blue Lagoon