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Part 1 The Nicolette Files
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Part 1 The Nicolette Files

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 As many of you know, I embarked on my newest journey to the omorfi (beautiful in Greek) European country, Greece. Adventuring all over the nation from the city of Athens to the famous islands of Mykonos and Santorini, and a lot in between. I started the trip off with an adventure buddy of mine, who is no stranger to the Gabi Travel Chronicles seeing as she joined me this past March in the Grand Turk and the Dominican Republic. I am going to share all of my Greek experiences but wanted to start off talking about my journey with Nikki in particular to give you a little insight into what it is actually like to navigate Greece on initial arrival. I will be sharing many details here with you on the blog and if you are interested in a more in depth how-to guide on my adventures and trips with detailed places I stayed and activities I did, reach out to me and I would be happy to share my experiences. 

Let's get started! We began our adventure flying out of  Miami International Airport. We took off on TAP Air Portugal, which at first I was skeptical about, seeing as WOW Air from Iceland last May failed me miserably, but to my surprise it went incredibly well. I would definitely recommend this airline, they had good hospitality and provided food unlike WOW Air and some other airlines I have experience who even made me pay for water! The only problem we did encounter was Nikkis luggage. What she brought, was in a normal sized American carry on for flights like Southwest Airlines. Unfortunately for many European airlines, this bag was considered too large to bring on the flight and required you to check it. In Europe their carry on size requirements are a few inches smaller and a max of 8kg. My suggestion would be do not even bother assuming something is a carry on unless you logistically could fit it under your seat, even if you do not plan to. If you are a good packer you can make it work in a carry on to avoid checking a bag. I was gone for a month and was able to fit everything within one small duffle and a backpack. So it is possible I promise! 

We had a stop in Portugal and in Rome, and on our transfer in Rome we changed to Aegean airlines. I really liked this airline as well and their hospitality. They had these incredible Greek cookies that I am still dreaming about and have yet to discover what they are called unfortunately. Someone let me know if you can figure it out and if there is a way for me to get these shipped to my house and I will be eternally grateful. Finally after the long excursion we made it to Athens. I would be a quick turn around though since the next morning we were heading out to the famous island known for being the location of the movie Mamma Mia.

Our first Airbnb for the night in Athens was a little bit sketchy, not in the best area, and had no hot water. In a sense we got what we paid for since it was only 17 euros for one night for two people, so it did the trick, but I probably would not recommend it. Every accommodation we looked at during this trip was so cheap. Airbnb is definitely the way to go for this country.

Another tip, we learned very quickly is that you CANNOT flush toilet paper, you have to throw it out into a waste bin, their pipes are very fragile and narrow all throughout Greece including in the city so you can not flush anything or they clog up immediately. Taxis are everywhere, and surprisingly Athens has uber. I obviously prefer this has a female traveler so I can share my rides with family and friends for safety. You call for a car via the uber app just the same and a taxi actually comes, but this is also a way to save some cash because you pay via the app instead of a normal taxi with cash.

In the other cities, it is still not hard to find or get taxis anywhere you go and it is how we got around for the most part. If you do decide to rent a car just know that they drive on the same side of the road as us which makes it a lot easier than renting in other European countries, but most agencies with affordable cars require you to know how to drive manual and require an international drivers license. 


- Good Vibes and Adventure