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Part 2 Roundabout With Rachel
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Part 2 Roundabout With Rachel

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Off again on my Wanderlust Program adventure. Here is my first tip of the day, and I will say it loud for the people in the back… RENTING A CAR IS THE BEST IDEA YOU WILL EVER HAVE. It is not a necessity when traveling everywhere in Europe. You can get a lot of places with just public transportation, taxis, or even atvs, but Zakynthos would not have been the experience it was without the car. It really hit home that Ranch Bucket desire of being on an adventure and having your own time clock to adhere to. We in the end, did the whole island even though it was pretty large. We were able to discover so many hidden gems and really get the most out of our short time there. Ranch Bucket mentality sometimes has you bouncing from place to place so you can maximize your time to truly see the most you can possibly see. It was nice to drive to hidden beaches, lounge with my Kauai eco-trucker on, and take in the green and blue landscapes that so similarly resemble the hat without having to rush to public transportation. 

One of my favorite spots was a hidden little beach that you had to swim to. This was super secluded and filled with rocks to climb upon and hidden underwater caves. The water was some of the prettiest colors I have ever seen and the contrast of the rocks was even more magical. The only way to describe it would be rocks the color of our Belize eco-trucker patch, with water that mixed between a Kauai eco-trucker green fabric material and the color of the water from the South Water Caye eco-trucker. 

This place is such a quaint island and the airbnb we stayed at was so special. The whole city is surrounded by stray cats and people sell goods on the side of the road, I can visualize now the roads, they so similarly resembled our traditional Road picture, I felt like I was truly in a Ranch Bucket dream. 

We had two little kittens during this excursion that greeted us every morning and cuddled with us every night. I named them Kalypso and Dimitri and I fell head over heels in love… a true Greek romance. They were so friendly, so sweet, it showed the true pure nature of the that these creatures have to offer us. Unconditional love. It was so hard to leave them. I almost scooped them up and put them in my suitcase. It goes to show as global citizens we can learn not just from human connection, but connection with nature and animals.

On our last day we grabbed a quick breakfast at a charming cafe and then headed to Agios Stios Island only to find it closed to tourists. Thinking quick on our feet we had some time to kill before our flight and we decided to go adventuring in true Ranch Bucket Fashion. We found a nearby flower field and some vineyards to explore.

Our last stop took us on an adventure and put me in my feels.... But I think I will make you wait until next week. 

Welcome to the Ranch