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Some Things I Do to Help the Environment
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Some Things I Do to Help the Environment

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I wanted to share with you some things that I personally do to try and help reduce my carbon footprint. A lot of them are little things that I am sure everybody does, but I wanted to share them anyway and hopefully yall can share some good ideas with me that I am not already doing!

I try not to take any bags from the grocery store, paper or plastic unless I absolutely have to. This also goes for when I get takeout and stuff like that. I just politely request they do not bring it in those big wasteful carrying bags. I could really improve on this though for my big grocery trips. I want to look into getting the big reusable bags that I can keep in the car, so if yall have a suggestion on brand that you love I would be grateful to hear it.

Supporting local food markets and local grocers is a big one for me. If there is a farmers market I am there! I love supporting small and local businesses because it only grows our little community and usually the products they provide - since they are not mass produced - are better for our bodies, home grown, and healthier as well.  Moving to Tampa has helped with this one a lot since there are a lot more opportunities here for me than I had in Tucson Arizona.

Using Tupperware instead of Ziplock baggies for my food and leftovers. Eliminating the throwing away of plastic since Tupperware is reusable and also saves me money on buying Ziplock baggies every month!

I use metal straws! I bring them with me when I know I am going to get a smoothies or a drink that requires a straw. If not, I just do not use straws at all! I even have Boba straws, so there is truly no excuse to use a plastic straw anymore. If you want to know how important the elimination of plastic straws is to me watch this heart wrenching video (as depressing as it is, it is very effective in influencing change).

I like to reuse materials that I am done with. Recently I have been using my old candle lids for different projects like drink coasters. I also am using an old flowerpot stand for our keys in the apartment since I did not have a plant to put on it. Just putting things to use that you thought you were done using instead of getting rid of it.  

I do all of my errands on the same day to reduce my gas use on the other days. This works well for me since I work from home, so I will pick one or two days out of the week and that will be the only day I drive, cutting down on a lot of gas use. I know this isnt a plausible one for everyone, but the little trips here and there combined as one makes a small but substantial difference.

Recycling clothes, whether that means donating, selling, or cutting them up and making them into something else! It is always a fun project.

I always choose electronic versions of documents and receipts. Such as leases, grocery store receipts, etc. It is also great because it guarantees that you do not lose them either.

Lastly, I always try to find products that are Eco-friendly or cruelty free. I am really big on the cruelty free stuff and vegan products. Eco-conscious products are a big part of my life too which is why I love Ranch Bucket! Since all our hats are Eco-friendly and made with re-purposed and organic material it helps me stick to my belief system.

I would love to put up another article with some things I do not do but I would like to try! What do yall think?

-Good Vibes and Adventure