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This Years Big Trip Abroad!
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This Years Big Trip Abroad!

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I just recently got back from Europe! Although it was not my first time in Europe, it was my first time in the countries that I visited this time around. I was gone for about two weeks in the north of Europe which I have never explored before. It was honestly the best. On the intermarry was Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands and with that came the anticipation of cold and rainy weather. To my pleasant surprise I received the exact opposite. I planned for and expected dreary weather, but it did not end up raining once the entire trip until my last day in the Netherlands. The whole trip was sunny, warm, and filled with cloudless skies. I cannot even count the number of times locals told us how rare this was and how lucky we were. It was absolutely picture perfect.

The jet lag, a question I always get asked about, surprisingly did not cripple me. I never really got on a sleep schedule, it was a sleep when you can kind of trip. Any time I was on public transportation that equaled naptime for me. I would say at nighttime though I would get an average of five hours of sleep. These first couple of days back have been kind of rough to say the least and my body is just exhausted though. It was all well worth it.

As far as food, nothing was super out of the ordinary or a stretch for my food palate. It was all pretty similar to anything I would find in America.

We flew a couple of different airlines and the air travel as far as this trip went was so so so cheap. We flew WOW Air to Iceland and Ireland. Our flight there was only $130! The flight from Ireland to Scotland was $45 on Easyjet, and the flight from Scotland to the Netherlands was also on Easyjet for $86. Our most expensive flight was from the Netherlands back to LAX at $270, which is still honestly one of the lowest prices I have ever seen for an abroad flight. If you want more details on how we spent our money or how to plan your own affordable trip, just shoot me and email or drop me a comment and I would be happy to help you out!

I am going to do a couple of posts about this trip. Splitting them up into countries seems to be the most organized and least confusing way to do it, so start looking forward to four separate posts… Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands.

Stay tuned!

=Good Vibes and Adventure