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Tucson Alum Visit
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Tucson Alum Visit

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I took my first visit back to Tucson since graduating from the University of Arizona. It was a weird but a pleasant experience to say the least. It is such a strange feeling to go back to where you once lived. You do not fully belong, but you still feel so grateful to be reunited with the people you used to spend all of your time. The reason I went back to visit was for Homecoming and Halloween. I thought why not kill two birds with one stone since they were so close together.

I arrived the day of the homecoming game, and surprisingly we won! This was really great for the University and I was glad to be a part of the celebration, because we have not been on the biggest winning streak the last couple of years.  Lucky charm maybe Just kidding!

We also did one of my favorite Tucson activities during the vacation, which was going to Gates Pass. This is something I do often and even have a blog post on that I will link below. Gates Pass has some of the prettiest sunsets of all time and it is one of my favorite parts of Arizona. We explored around and took pictures per usual until the sun officially set before packing back into the car.

Next was Halloween. My roommate helped me put together my costume this year, and I was young Donna from Mamma Mia! I loved my costume honestly, I wish I could wear it every day!

The rest of the trip was spent relaxing and in quite little coffee shops to get some work done. It was really nice to go back to my college home, but I am also so glad I get to move on and try somewhere new. Let me know about any moves, yall have made this year as we gear up for 2019! What big changes have you guys experienced?

-Good Vibes and Adventure