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Whit Sundays Review
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Whit Sundays Review

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Wow! It has been a whirlwind of a month. I have now been living in Australia for two months and I feel like I have seen, experienced, and fell in love with more people and friends than I have in my twenty years of life. I have so many stories and journeys to share with y’all, but my most recent trip was to the iconic Whit Sundays! I promise you just about any picture you have ever seen of Australia or the Great Barrier Reef, it is in Whit Sundays. I will be attaching some on the blog too though for your own view pleasure. This trip was absolutely incredible, but if given the chance to redo it, there are definitely some things I would do differently. Hopefully one day I get the chance to do it better but until then here are some of my warnings for fellow travelers.

We stayed in Airlie Beach at X-Base Airlie Beach Hostel on the mainland. I have a growing love for hostels, mainly because many of them do private rooms of six. They are super cheap, clean and then I get to stay in the same room as all of my roommates when we travel together. X-Base was especially nice since it had a bathroom attached the room for us instead of the normal hostels I have experienced like the one we stayed in during the Byron Bay trip where it was a community one and across the hall. Now Airlie is a cute, but very small town. There was not much to do there besides restaurants. We did have a phenomenal meal though and many superb brunches. This is the first thing I wish I got a do over on; I wish we had stayed on one of Whit Sunday’s Islands instead of on the mainland where there is more opportunities and a vacation vibe. Hamilton is one of the islands we visited during the day. It was absolutely breathtaking, had incredible food and shopping, and was made up of a ton of little resorts with swim up pool bars and beautiful beaches. I have a sorority sister who works on Hamilton Island since graduating, she works at one of the resorts and is having a blast. If anyone were ever to have any questions about staying on Hamilton Island I can put you in contact with her just message me or comment below! The absolute highlight of the trip though was our cruise to White Haven Beach, which is designated as a national park. Some cool facts about White Haven…

  • 98% silica (this is known to ruin your electronics so be careful)
  • Does not retain heat so the sand is never hot
  • The sand is basically powder
  • The most photographed beach in Australia
  • Can only be accessed by boat or helicopter

I have to say, it was one of the most ethereal places I have ever experienced and I would most certainly visit again and again. I don’t use this term lightly, it was magical.

The next adventure of our weekend was sailing… which was quite an ordeal and a story for another day, but stay tuned for it because I’m sure some of you will find humor in my misfortune.

Suggestions for travelers to Whit Sundays – stay on Hamilton Island, book the maximum time you can spend at White Haven Beach because half a day just does not feel like enough, if you are on Airlie beach mainland at all go to Hemingway’s for dinner. Get a table looking out at the boats during sunset, the food is phenomenal and dare I say it was the best meal of the year for me. The sun is super strong, bring lots of sunscreen and a hat, I tend to burn just a sliver of my forehead so the only reason I made it out alive this week was because of my Ranch Bucket hat that you all know I always have on me. Lastly, book some fun activity and be willing to splurge on this trip but… DO NOT GO SAILING. (This story is coming!)

-Good Vibes and Adventure


Hostel: http://www.stayatbase.com/hostels/australia/airlie-beach/base-airlie-beach-resort

Cruise: http://www.hamiltonisland.com.au/whitehaven-beach/whitehaven-beach-half-day-cruise#vxG39JRKeCULdpYV.97

Restaurant: https://www.hemingwaysairliebeach.com.au/