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Why I am not a Cruise Person
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Why I am not a Cruise Person

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I had a blast on my recent cruise, but something I did realize on this adventure was that I will probably not be doing another one, and here is why.

I am not a person that travels for relaxation. Everyone is a different type of traveler.

We have our…

  • Relaxation travelers
  • Escape travelers
  • Adventurous travelers
  • Nature-oriented travelers
  • Thrill-seekers

I fall somewhere in between adventurous and escape. Cruises I strongly believe are built for individuals who are relaxed travelers that are still looking for a lot of activity options within a short span of time. That is just really not my travel style. I am a huge planner and a big control freak when it comes to my travel plans (something I am working on doing less of).

Cruises do not allow you the opportunity to spend an extensive amount of time in one place. For some people this is the fun of it all, but for me, it just made me feel rushed. You can only do so many activities and you feel so frantic trying to fit all of them into your island time. It gives you less freedom to truly explore because you cannot go as far or try as many things. I was not on my own schedule I was on the ships schedule.

The next thing I was not in love with was being trapped on a boat. There are only so many activities that you can do on the boat before you feel like you have done and seen it all. Having two whole days at sea, stuck stationary, with nothing to do but relax was just not my favorite thing (that being said the food was phenomenal). If I truly wanted relaxation I would probably just save money and do a staycation instead. That is just who I am as a person and I am totally accepting that other people's opinions may vary! My roommate on the other hand adores cruises and she could talk your ear off about all of the things she enjoys about them… Guest blog perhaps? Tell me, what kind of traveler are you guys?

- Good Vibes and Adventure


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