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Some Eco-Friendly Things I Want to Try
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Some Eco-Friendly Things I Want to Try

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These are some things that I have thought of, and some things some of you have suggested to me to expand on being eco-friendly.

Plant a garden. My neighbor grows avocado trees on her balcony and I loveeee the idea, so I might look into that.

Participate in a beach cleanup. My good friend Kate (shout out to Kate) works with this awesome organization called We Are Water Collective, and they do beach cleanups regularly! I would love to take a weekend trip up to Kate in North Carolina to visit and participate in one! I would also love to find some here in Tampa Bay too if yall know of any let me know!

I really need to work on my recycling. I am always only half committed to doing it. Not having a service that recycles at my apartment complex makes it harder, so I hope to improve on that in the future as well.

Shampoo bars!! They eliminate the plastic packaging and they seem pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Some great suggestions I got from yall were

Utilizing reusable napkins and straws instead of throwing away one time use products.

Food wraps made from beeswax! (I had never heard of this so this was a fun new one to look into)

Washable water bottle instead of plastic water bottle cases.


Thanks so much for sharing yalls best tips with me! We should all hold one another accountable in the process of reducing our carbon footprint.

-Good Vibes and Adventure